Training courses

BASC training courses help to promote and protect shooting and related activities by establishing and maintaining high standards through training, education and best practice.

Advanced Airgun Hunter

Advanced airgun hunter

This course will equip you with the knowledge, understanding, and awareness of airgun hunting techniques.

Airgun instructor

Airgun instructor

This course will equip the candidate with the knowledge, understanding, and awareness of a basic airgun instructor.

A coach pointing to the sky next to a student

Become a shotgun coach

Ever thought about becoming a shotgun coach? Perhaps this is the year you can turn that ambition into reality?

A deer stalker aiming down their rifle scope

Deer Stalking Certificate (DSC1)

The Deer Stalking Certificate (DSC1) is designed for the shooter who has recently taken up stalking and is seeking further advice and guidance.


Deer Stalking Certificate 2 (DSC2)

The DSC2 qualification is not obtained via a course but instead a portfolio of evidence that the candidate will gather together and submit for formal assessment.

FAT courses

Firearms awareness training 

Looking to start rifle, air rifle or shotgun shooting? Our firearms awareness courses offer a comprehensive introduction to your chosen discipline(s).

Firearms courses

Firearms Courses

We run a range of courses to help not only newcomers but also experienced shooters to improve their knowledge and skills.

Game shooting

Game shooter certificate

If you have recently taken up game shooting or are looking forward to your first shoot day, this is the course for you.

Intermediate deer course

Intermediate deer course

This course is designed as a step between DSC1 and DSC2 to advance and prepare students wishing to undertake the DSC2.

Rifle theory

Rifle safe shot – theory test 

The free test gives you with a chance to demonstrate you have the knowledge on how to use shotguns confidently and safely, in a field-based situation.

Shotgun coaching coaching a student

Shotgun coach award

The BASC shotgun coach award will enable you to offer a service of practical shooting advice and tuition.

Safety officer

Shotgun safety officers course

Aimed at equipping you with the knowledge, understanding, skills and awareness required to identify and manage issues pertaining to safety on a clay pigeon shoot.

Small game meat hygiene

Small game meat hygiene 

This one-day course will ensure that shooters can meet the requirements regarding the sale and supply of game.

Wild boar

Wild boar certificate 

This course is designed for the sportsman or woman as part of their ongoing commitment to humane and responsible hunting of wild boar.

Zookeeper firearms course

Zookeeper firearms course

This course is offered as a bespoke service to zoos and safari parks, which can be tailored to meet specific needs.

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