Wild food

Healthy, packed with flavour and easy to cook, wild game meat is the ultimate free-range ingredient for your table.

What is wild food

Game as food is indisputably one of the key justifications for game shooting. Therefore, promoting the benefits of eating more game as a sustainable and healthy alternative to farmed meat is an important part of BASC’s work.

To deliver our vision, we bring together partners from shooting and food production/marketing organisations to ensure game meat is recognised as a healthy alternative protein source.

We also support other sectors of the food industry through sponsorship, particularly where we can encourage adding value to game such as charcuterie, butchery and pie making.

Shooters need to promote and eat game meat to ensure the future of shooting. This means eating what you shoot and sharing it with others, perhaps by gifting game to friends and family, or cooking a dish which features game meat. 

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Game changers

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