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Services to members

The Regional centre is your local BASC office, and is here to help you.  Importantly they are here to deliver local political and media campaigning, to make sure the voice of shooting is heard and listened to in your area.

Your regional team will:

  • Provide help and advice on shooting and conservation to members
  • Provide practical advice to shoots to secure and improve the shoot
  • Promote biodiversity and its importance for shooting
  • Give guidance on firearm and shotgun certificate application, variation and renewals
  • Represent the membership on police firearms licensing committees
  • Help find shooting for members
  • Organising events for members
  • Represent BASC and shooting in the regional and local media
  • Represent BASC and shooting in regional and local lobbying
  • Promote good shooting practice

Click here for directions to BASC head office.

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