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BASC is the only UK shooting organisation with a dedicated firearms team which can deal with all aspects of firearms ownership whether it be legislative, technical or practical. That’s why you should join BASC today.

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Firearms News

When the cops come calling

BASC’s firearm team is responsible for advising members on firearm issues. Firearms officer Simon Vann looks at the contentious subject of removal of firearms by the police and the legal requirements that they must meet.

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The importance of rifle fit

As we all know, getting a gun that fits properly will help your shooting in leaps and bounds. However, when it comes to rifles, we often neglect this important aspect which can lead to some bad habits creeping in that will affect your accurate shooting.

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What’s the problem with firearms licensing?

One of the aims of the 2016 Home Office guide to firearms licensing law was to bring about consistency in how the police administered firearms licensing in England and Wales, particularly around medical involvement in the process.

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The National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NaBIS) urges shooting community to stay safe.

Those who own firearms and use them for work or leisure activity are being reminded to take steps to prevent themselves becoming vulnerable to criminals

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