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The wildfowling team helps wildfowling clubs and individuals, we run permit schemes so you can try wildfowling and we work with statutory agencies to protect the future of wildfowling. That is why you should join BASC today.

For specific advice on Wildfowling matters please contact the
Wildfowling Department on 01244 573 011 or email

Wildfowling is the pursuit of geese and ducks often on estuaries and coastal marshes. Wildfowling is mainly a solitary sport requiring considerable stamina and patience as it takes place on estuaries and coastal marshes during the winter months in wet, muddy and often cold conditions.

The main quarry are wild geese and ducks which are mostly migrants, travelling from the Arctic circle, Scandinavia and the Low Countries in the autumn and returning to their breeding grounds in the spring. Their habits are governed by tide, wind, weather and moon. Generally geese fly in at day break to their feeding grounds and return to roost far out on the mudflats at dusk. Duck usually come in at dusk to feed and spend the night on the pools, returning to the mudflats at dawn. The wildfowler needs to be able to identify legal quarry species in poor light and difficult weather conditions. Often, despite many hours spent on the marsh, he will not fire a shot. When he does, it is important that he has a dog to retrieve the bird from the mud or water.

An intimate knowledge of this wild and dangerous area of the coast is a prerequisite to this sport. The inexperienced wildfowler can easily be cut off from the land by the twice-daily tides or become disorientated by the sudden descent of fog.

NEW - Bag Recording for Wildfowlers

BASC has built this website to help protect and promote shooting sports and offer shoot mapping and bag recording services to members.

Bagged it – Seen it – Map it

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Events & Training Courses

October 2016

26 Oct Young Shot – Oxford Shooting School Multi Activity Academy
 The Oxfordshire Shooting School, Enstone Airfield, Enstone
28 Oct Pre DSC1 course - Fittleworth, Pulborough, West Sussex **Fully Booked**
 Fittleworth Rifle Club, Lithersgate Common, Bedham Road
BASC Scotland welcomes tail docking announcement

BASC Scotland welcomes tail docking announcement

The Scottish Government announced its plans to change existing legislation to permit the docking of the tails of spaniel and hunt point retriever (HPR) puppies where a vet believes they are likely to be used as a working dog and risk serious tail injury in later life.


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