Our work

Being a member of BASC means you are a part of the largest shooting organisation in the UK, looking after the interests of 150,000 shooting enthusiasts.

What we do

As the UK’s largest shooting organisation, we use our influence and the expertise of our teams to provide the best possible service to our members. Together, we work to support and lobby to protect the sport you love. 

We are committed to ensuring that shooting is seen as a benefit to the environment and economy through education and engagement, commissioning scientific research, partnership working and promoting best practice in habitat conservation, and wildlife and game management.  

As well as our own projects such as Eat Game, Let’s Learn Moor and the BASC Wildlife Fund, we also invest in several initiatives to reinforce the message of shooting as a sustainable sport. 

BASC is a key rural stakeholder, working alongside other countryside and shooting organisations as part of FACE, Aim to Sustain and the British Shooting Sports Council. 

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Game assurance
British Shooting Sports Council
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Among the charitable organisations supported by BASC are the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust and the Country Food Trust, each of which you can find out more about by clicking on their logo.