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Policy and campaigns

We work to promote the interests of shooting in Westminster, in the devolved parliaments and in Brussels. 

Shooters need a strong voice at the heart of government and BASC provides this by championing shooting sports by taking a cross-party approach, aiming to engage all politicians from all parties with shooting and its benefits.

We regularly briefs Members of Parliament, Members of the Scottish Parliament, Members of the Senedd, and Members of the Legislative Assembly (Northern Ireland), encouraging them to participate in the sport. We also provide the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Shooting and Conservation in Westminster. 

The key messages we deliver are:

  • BASC is the largest and best resourced shooting organisation with the expertise and the critical mass to do the job.
  • Together we are stronger and make your voice heard where it counts.
  • BASC is all-party, well-informed, evidence-based, constructive and worth working with.
  • BASC protects your right to own and use legitimate firearms through the work of our expert firearms team (the only dedicated firearms team in a British shooting organisation).

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