Everything you need to know about gundogs, from ownership and training, right through to showing at Crufts.

What is a gundog?

Gundogs are a group of specialist breeds that, when properly trained, play a vital role in the recovery of quarry and are real assets in the field.  

We strongly recommend using well-trained gundogs on every shoot and can attest to the additional enjoyment you’ll gain from the ownership, training and working of a gundog.  

Traditional gundog breeds include Labradors, spaniels, and the HPR breeds (hunt, point, retrieve) but as you will see, there is a growing trend for less traditional breeds making an appearance on shoots. 

While training them is key to success on any shoot, it is equally important to make sure you keep your dogs safe, fit and healthy. 

If you’re a BASC member and have a question for our gundog team, get in touch here.

Working dog insurance

Few dog policies will insure gundogs while they work, but BASC dog insurance does. With lifetime cover for injuries and illnesses as they work and train, across the fields or deep in the rough, our insurance protects working dogs when they need it most.
Agria Pet Insurance

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Our specialist teams are on hand to provide advice on every aspect of
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