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The BASC game and deer team working for you and your gundog, that’s why you should join BASC today.

For specific advice on gundog matters please contact the game and deer department on: 01244 573019 or email.

Gundog-day-2010-(38)BASC strongly recommends that anyone who goes shooting should be accompanied by a trained and competent gundog. Using a well trained gundog ensures that everything possible has been done for the humane recovery of the quarry and shows a responsible attitude. Furthermore, the ownership and delight in working a well trained gundog is an enjoyable pastime in itself.

Latest news

Gundog events

May 2018

26 May 2018 Gundog Working Test
Teasses Estate, Teasses Hall, Leven

June 2018

02 Jun 2018 Gundog Working Test - Meningitis Research Foundation
Cherryvalley Farm Estate, 2A Bay Road, Crumlin

Gundog Training Days

June 2018

July 2018

08 Jul 2018 Picking up on game shoots - an introductory day
Meadow Barn, East Barsham, Fakenham

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