BASC at Crufts

Crufts 2021

Following an announcement from the event organisers, Crufts 2021 has been cancelled.

Crufts will return from 10 – 12 March 2022.

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BASC is responsible for the annual organisation and running of the Gamekeepers Ring at Crufts. These classes are always popular with the general public and exhibitors alike and, with the introduction of lunchtime entertainment, there is never a dull moment.

The event is about working gundogs; every dog is judged to the breed standard but major consideration is given to their appearance, looks and conformation as a working gundog. These requirements make the class totally unique.

Historically, the Gamekeepers Ring is the oldest in the show. In the early days it was also one of the busiest, being recognised by gamekeepers throughout the country as one of the focal points of their year and a signal to the ending of another shooting season.

The Gamekeepers Association used to hold their annual general meeting at the show. Before the days of youth training schemes this was the place where budding gamekeepers would be interviewed, where jobs changed hands and new beat keepers were engaged. Today things have changed yet the passion for gundogs remains.

What to expect on the day

Schedule and entry forms

How the rings are organised

The important thing to remember is that the Gamekeepers Ring is not a breed class.Therefore, occasional delays will occur when a competitor is delayed in a breed class, which has to take precedence over the Gamekeepers Ring. To follow the day in the Ring you will need a catalogue which gives a schedule of entries in the Gamekeepers Classes.

Every class is given a number and every dog entered in that class also has a number, which is all that a judge knows about the dog. In order to do their job impartially, judge don’t need to know the name of the dog or its owner. However, you can cross-reference the number worn by the dog’s handler in your catalogue to find out who owns the dog, where they live and the dog’s registered name.

The judges are helped with paperwork and administration (but not the judging) by a chief steward. Other stewards are responsible for collecting the competitors at the beginning of each class, keeping the ring notice board up-to-date with details of the class which is being judged, and collecting the results.

Trophy presentation takes place at the end of the day’s judging (approximately 4pm).

Finally, the winners from each gamekeeper-only class has to be judged again in the main ring so that the Best in Gamekeeper Classes may be chosen and presented with the Northesk Memorial Trophy.

BASC rings at Crufts explained

In March, dog enthusiasts will once again assemble in Birmingham’s NEC Arena to celebrate Crufts. Three BASC rings are dedicated to showcasing working gundogs and host the historic Gamekeepers’ Classes.



For specific advice on game shooting matters please contact us on: 01244 573019  email


Yes. However, it is important to know the times of each of the classes to which you have entered and be aware of any potential clashes.

If your dog was docked either in the UK or in a foreign country before 6 April 2007 then it may enter Crufts. If your dog was docked either in the UK or in a foreign country on or after 6 April 2007 it will not, under the law, be permitted to be shown at Crufts (where public are admitted on a payment of a fee).

No, dogs entered in Gamekeeper classes only do not have to qualify for entry into a breed class.