BASC staff standing together in Crufts
BASC staff standing together in Crufts

BASC at Crufts

The Gamekeepers' Ring at Crufts

BASC has a long history at Crufts and runs the renowned Gamekeepers’ Ring at the show, celebrating the best working gundogs in the country. Historically, this class was the backdrop to the Gamekeepers’ Association AGM and signalled the end of the shooting season. 

While the AGM no longer takes place at the show, the focal point in the calendar remains, and Crufts has become an important showcase for the breadth and quality of working gundogs in our sport.

Attracting a huge visitor and international broadcast audience, Crufts provides us with a fantastic opportunity to highlight and celebrate working gundogs to an audience who may not be aware of the great work they do.

As well as breed classes for working dogs and gamekeepers’ dogs, BASC classes include gamekeeper teams and working gundog teams, plus the ever-popular young handler classes where youngsters get their chance to show dogs that have worked throughout the season. 

Whether you’re competing or spectating, Crufts is the pinnacle of the dog show world, a fantastic day out and a wonderful opportunity to see our working gundogs in the spotlight.

Competing at Crufts

Entry to BASC’s classes at Crufts is restricted to gundogs that have worked on shoots on a regular basis throughout the season. Dogs entered in gamekeeper classes do not have to qualify for entry into a breed class. 

If your dog was docked either in the UK or in a foreign country on or after 6 April 2007 it will not, under the law, be permitted to be shown at Crufts. 

If you are interested in showing your working dog, there are training days and competitions held across the UK suitable for beginners right through to professional level, and it’s another great way of focusing your training with your gundog and meeting like-minded people.  

How are the dogs judged?

BASC’s classes are for working gundogs, and therefore they are judged differently from the breed classes you’ll see elsewhere at the show. 

Every dog is judged to the breed standard, but the judges also take into account attributes important to their role as a working dog such as conformation. Judging the dogs beyond their breed standard, taking into account these further considerations makes the Gamekeepers’ classes unique in their format.

The winners from each gamekeeper class will be judged again in the main ring to find the winner of the Best in Gamekeeper Classes. The overall winner is presented with the prestigious Northesk Memorial Trophy.

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How to enter

Download your entry form and enter online here. You can enter online until midnight on Monday 29 January 2024.

You can also enter by post, sending a completed entry form before entries close on Monday 8 January 2024 (postmark)

Post your entry to:

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