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Clay Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is a popular sport that covers all social classes, many women are enthusiastic competitors and it is one of the few sports in which the disabled can compete on level terms with able-bodied people.

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Most shooting is done through clubs with their own shooting grounds where there will be a series of traps – or launchers – which catapult the clays into the air to simulate a variety of wild quarry. Clay pigeon shooting can be a particularly attractive for those who live in towns or are limited in the amount of time that they can give to their sport.

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BASC Countryman Fairs Clay Competition 2018


  1. T Oldham
  2. S Clarke
  3. J Bridges
  4. C Waite
  5. S Grant


  1. J Bridges
  2. T Hedgecock
  3. S Beals


  1. J Mcguire
  2. R Coxhead
  3. E Lowrinson
  4. G Harrison
  5. S Beals


  1. E Lowrinson
  2. C Hollands
  3. J Galland


  1. P Dickman
  2. G Strizaker
  3. A Thompson

Events & Training Courses

April 2019

24 Apr 2019 S&CBC Ladies Simulated Game Day, Bangrove Farm, Gloucestershire
Bangrove Farm, Bengrove, Tewkesbury

25 Apr 2019 Airgun Instructor Course - Pete's Airgun Farm, Essex **Fully Booked**
Pete’s Airgun Farm, Ongar Road, Chelmsford

25 Apr 2019 - 28 Apr 2019 Deer Stalking Certificate 1 - Longparish, Hampshire
Longparish Village Hall, Longparish, Andover


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