Clay coaching
Clay coaching

Where do I start?

To get started, the easiest way is to find a local club, go along and have a try.

You can try it at a game fair or show at our clay lines. Our experienced and highly trained coaches will take you through the experience in a safe environment and get you hitting clays comfortably. Many clay grounds also offer have a go sessions.

If you want to take it further, the next step is to book a lesson! Once you’ve established that you are comfortable with clay shooting, book a few lessons at a reputable ground or with a BASC shotgun coach. A lesson is different to a have a go session and you’ll learn more about shotguns, technique and safety standards.

After a few lessons you may be thinking about investing in a shotgun. First you’ll need to apply for a shotgun certificate with your local constabulary.

This may take a while to be issued but you can keep having lessons and practicing with other certificate holders who are willing to let you use their shotgun (people are normally willing to help as we’ve all been at this stage of the process).

This is also a great time to try different makes, models, size and gauge (eg.12b, 20b, 4.10) so you know what you want to buy when your certificate arrives.

Shotguns are available to buy from gun shops, registered firearms dealers (RFDs) and in private sales, the come in a huge range of prices from £50-£500,000! Choose a gun which is appropriate for your needs in your price range and most importantly, in safe working order. You may wish to consult with a more experienced shooter when buying your first shotgun.