A target shooter aiming down the scope of their rifle
A target shooter aiming down the scope of their rifle

Where do I start?

Due to firearm laws, you cannot simply turn up and hire or borrow a rifle and try target shooting, but there are ways you can enjoy it as a one-off day.

Any BASC members who hold a valid firearms certificate, with the appropriate conditions, can book on a BASC range day, which takes place at the National Shooting Centre at Bisley.

The days, which are held throughout the year, give participants the chance to shoot both static targets and running boar/deer targets with .22 rimfire and centrefire rifles.

You don’t need to have your own rifle to take part but there are limited spaces for non-rifle holders, find out more.

Getting started with an air rifle makes target shooting more accessible and easier to get started as there are less legal requirements.

The principle skills are the same, whether you are using a rifle or an air rifle, so whichever route into the sport is a great place to start and will help if you change discipline.

If you do decide you want to go down the rifle route the best way to start is to join a local rifle club.

They will support you on your journey with everything from finding the right calibre and discipline to helping your development and getting you into competitions if that is something that interests you.

Find out more information about owning a firearm.

As well as being a sport in its own right, which includes a place on the Olympic stage, target shooting is also great practice for anyone who shoots quarry. You should be practicing your skills and zeroing your rifles regularly.