Range shooting
Range shooting

Range days

2024 dates

  • Friday 5th April 2024
  • Thursday 16th May 2024
  • Wednesday 19th June 2024
  • Wednesday 18th September 2024
  • Thursday 7th November 2024

BASC members who hold a valid firearms certificate, with the appropriate conditions, can book on a BASC range day, which takes place at the National Shooting Centre at Bisley.

The days, which are held throughout the year, give participants the chance to shoot both static targets and running boar/deer targets with .22 rimfire and centrefire rifles.

The British Sporting Rifle Club (BSRC) ranges available (all firing points are covered):

  • 100m running deer range (electronically scored)
  • Two 50m running boar ranges (electronically scored)
  • 100m static range (electronic or manual scoring)
  • Stalkers test (electronically scored)*

Participants will also undertake a Range Safety Assessment. On successful completion, BASC Rifle Club will issue a Shooter Certification Card which will enable the holder to shoot unsupervised on NRA ranges.

If you pass the assessment, you will be issued with a card that lasts for up to 12 months.

* The stalkers test requires the shooter to fire; two shots from the prone position, two shots sitting, two shots kneeling, two shots standing, and then two from a bench simulating the position of a high seat.


In order to take part you must be a BASC member and hold a valid Firearms Certificate.

It is recommended that you bring approximately 100 rounds of centrefire and approximately 100-150 rounds of rim fire ammunition.

Why do I need a Shooter Certification Card (SSC)?

Anyone shooting on MoD ranges (including Bisley ranges) is required to possess and produce, on request, a certification card for the type of firearm they are using. This card is known as a ‘Shooter Certification Card’.

If you have any questions, email: rangedays@basc.org.uk