A target shooter aiming down a scope at a target
A target shooter aiming down a scope at a target

What do I need?

Unless you are using an air rifle, you will need a firearms certificate to get involved in target shooting, you can find out more here..

Air rifles and pistols are a popular and cost-effective way to enter the sport, but they should not be regarded only as entry level. There are many different disciplines available to try and competition range from local club and postal entries to national and even Olympic standard.

There are also various other options to consider.

“Small-bore” rifles (of .22 calibre) are generally used at shorter ranges such as 25 yards but sometimes out to 100 yards. Larger rifles (termed “full-bore”) are shot at targets over much greater ranges, even over 1000 yards.

Muzzle-loading pistols are either original antiques or modern replicas which are loaded by pouring gunpowder down the muzzle or into the front of the cylinder of a five- or six-shot revolver. These are shot at targets over ranges of 20/25 yards.

Another branch of this popular sport involves muzzle-loading rifles, muskets and shotguns, both flintlock and percussion (caplock), again using either genuine antique guns or modern replicas. These are shot at targets over greater ranges than the pistol. Muzzle-loading target rifles were originally shot at ranges from 100 to 1200 yards and the same competitions are available to enthusiasts today.