Encompassing some of the UK’s most treasured landscapes, the uplands are a crucial ecological resource.

What are uplands?

Due to the ecological significance of the UK’s uplands, these landscapes and their management are often the subject of intense debate. 

Grouse moor management, ingrained in upland landscapes for centuries, intersects with contemporary issues such as carbon storage, wildfire mitigation, and biodiversity conservation.

BASC recognises the importance of promoting sustainable shooting activities and moorland management practices conducted in line with best practice. By embracing a clear vision for the future, and by collaborating with stakeholders and landowners, we aim to protect these valuable habitats and carbon stores while ensuring the continuity of grouse and broader quarry shooting activities for generations to come.

Being a member of BASC means you align with enhancing and promoting the benefits we bring for the environment. On this page, we will provide you with resources and links to advice and guidance to do just that.

Sustainable shooting and moorland management, conducted in line with best practice, provides huge benefits to people, the economy and our environment.


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