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With so many forms of shooting in the UK, there is something to suit everyone in terms of cost, time and location. So, wherever you are we have opportunities for you.

Shooting sports

Airgun shooting is one of the most popular shooting sports in the UK, largely because of the low price point and the fact you can also do it inside. It is the perfect introduction for young people into the sport of shooting, where all of the basic principles – including safety – can be learned.

Clay shooting is an extremely popular and fast-growing form of shooting, as it is relatively easy and affordable to get started. Most clay shooting takes place at shooting grounds, incorporating a series of traps which catapult clay targets into the air.

Airgun target shooting and clay shooting will help you hone your skills, which is immensely beneficial should you wish to try live quarry shooting. Live quarry shooting includes game shooting, wildfowling, pest control, and deer management.