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Handing on the Heritage of Sporting Shooting

Leaving a legacy to BASC

Making a Will is a simple but very important step. It is the only way of ensuring that you decide who will benefit from your estate after your death.

When you make your will, your family and friends will take priority. You will want to be sure they are provided for after you are gone.

But you may also want to make a gift to benefit your sport and provide opportunities for future generations, if so, please remember BASC. Every gift in every will makes a real difference to the level of support we provide to sporting shooting and conservation.

Why leave BASC a legacy?

Legacies are immensely important to our work. They are vital in allowing us to to build a lasting sporting legacy for future generations to enjoy.

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How will we use your Legacy?

We put every pound we receive into our work to promote and protect shooting, so you can be confident that your legacy will have a real impact, both for today and in the future

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certain questions regarding legacies and will-making come up time and time again, so we have put them together, with our answers, in case they may interest and help you:

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Please let us if know you make a legacy gift

If you choose to help safeguard the heritage of shooting we will be very grateful and would like to keep you updated about our work., so please let us know of your intentions.

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Legacy Supporter Stories

Who leaves BASC a legacy, and why? Read about some of our legacy supporters and their reasons for choosing to remember us in their Will.

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