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Why leave BASC a legacy?

Gifts in wills make a real difference

Those who remember BASC in their wills enable the association to do so much more to promote and safeguard sporting shooting and the legal right to own guns.

Much of our work is funded through membership subscriptions; however, our rates must be set at a level that is affordable to all in the shooting community. Therefore, we cannot achieve all that we need to do without generous donations from members, and others, who are passionate about their shooting.

Shooting is seldom out of the spotlight and always prey to misunderstanding and misinformation. A strong, positive message effectively delivered can have a vital influence on politicians, the media and public opinion.

Despite recent successes, the threat has not gone away.

We can’t afford to be complacent. The expertise of BASC in all aspects of shooting is needed now more than ever before; we continue to defend and preserve shooting for future generations.

How will we use your legacy?

Every pound we receive goes into work that promote and protect shooting, so you can be confident that your legacy will have a real impact, both for today and in the future.

Many years will hopefully elapse between the writing of your will and the time when BASC receives your legacy. If there is a particular aspect of our work you would wish your gift to be put towards, it is possible to include this at the time of drafting your will.

However, we would ask you to discuss with us any restrictions on your gift in advance, as the nature of our projects and our priorities may change over the years. If we cannot honour your wishes, we may not be able to accept your legacy.

Almost all donors choose not to place restrictions on their BASC legacy enabling us to use it in the best way to support our campaign and programme priorities at the time they are received.

The key areas that we use legacies are:

  • Work that brings young people into shooting and educates children about shooting and country sports.
  • Conservation work to safeguard our rural heritage and to demonstrate how shooting is such an important component in preserving our landscapes and native wildlife.
  • Work to increase opportunities to go shooting.
  • Political work to safeguard our continued ability to shoot.


Leaving a legacy

Many people make false assumptions about what will happen to their estate if they do not have a will. Not leaving a will could result in lengthy and expensive complications for your family to sort out.

The sooner the better! If you already have a will you should review it regularly, particularly when your personal circumstances change for example, if you get married or divorced, if you have new children or grandchildren, or you move house.

There are free sites to write your will. However, one tiny error can invalidate the entire will, so we recommend that you employ a solicitor to do the work.

Who should I speak to?

When you decide to make a will, or update it, contact a professional adviser. This be a solicitor or financial adviser. Who will be able to advise you on the correct wording if you decide to leave BASC a legacy in your will.

The following wording can be used to gift a share of your estate to BASC:

I give to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, of Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham LL12 0HL (hereinafter called BASC) the residue (or percent share of the residue) of my estate absolutely and I direct that (i) the proceeds may be used for the general purposes of the BASC and (ii) a receipt signed by a person for the time being authorised by BASC’s council shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my executors. *

A fixed sum, or pecuniary legacy, can be left using the following suggested wording:

I give to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, of Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham LL12 0HL (hereinafter called BASC) the sum of £_______ and I direct that (i) the proceeds may be used for the general purposes of BASC and (ii) a receipt signed by a person for the time being authorised by BASC’s council shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my executors.*

If you want to leave special belongings to BASC such as a firearm, furniture, a painting or even the contents of your house, BASC would be pleased to discuss this with you. Items would then be retained or sold with the proceeds used in accordance with your wishes. We appreciate that personal belongings are very special and any such transactions would be handled with great care and sensitivity.

As with any property we would ask that you get in touch with BASC first to discuss your intentions.

Many people prefer to see donations made to BASC in lieu of floral tributes. If this is stated in your will, the executors can make sure that your wishes are known. The following wording will ensure that your wishes are met:

I request my executor to ensure that instead of flowers at my funeral donations are made to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, of Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham LL12 0HL.

As the British Association for Shooting and Conservation Limited is not a registered charity your executors will, if your estate exceeds the threshold for inheritance tax have to pay the due proportion of that tax on the gift. If the gift is not expressed to be free of tax the amount paid to BASC will be reduced by the inheritance tax payable. However, it is possible for you to specify that the full amount of the gift should be paid free of tax itself so that the amount paid to BASC is not reduced and the inheritance tax on the gift (if any) is paid from the residue of your estate.

If you have any concerns about your inheritance tax position you can discuss these with an independent financial adviser. They may be able to make recommendations to mitigate the problem.

Please let us know if you make a legacy gift

Thank you for choosing to leave a legacy in your will to help us protect and promote shooting sports.

Completing the form below will allow us to thank you properly and enable us to keep you up-to-date with how we are using legacy income to help secure the great heritage of shooting.

In particular, we would like to hear about why you chose to support BASC in this special way.

  • If you have already included a gift in your Will to BASC, or intend to in the future, we would very much like to hear your story. This information will be treated in confidence and is not binding in any way but will help us understand why people choose to support our organisation in this way.
  • We would like to share with other members your reasons for leaving a legacy to BASC without identifying you.

Legacy Supporter Stories

Without the generous legacy received from John in the mid-1980s we would not have been able to extend our buildings to house the greatly-expanded advisory services for members that we are now able to provide.

Nick generously gave £4,000 to BASC in his will because punt-gunning and wildfowling were such a big part of his life. In accordance with Nick's wishes, this money has been set aside for the benefit of  punt-gunners everywhere.

Mrs. F left £2,000 to BASC to be used to protect the right to own and use firearms. This money was put towards the work of our political and firearms teams in lobbying parliament and liaising with police forces.

Mr G left an area of land to BASC and £10,000 so that it could be managed as a conservation area and be used for shooting. This land has provided shooting opportunities for a local club and school visits.

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