Air rifle coaching

How can I try it?

We offer taster sessions at game fairs and county shows across the UK with our airgun coaching line.

Instructors are on hand to offer introductions to airgun shooting for novices and allow more experienced shots to try a BSA air rifle.

Each session includes:-

  • Basic safety instruction
  • Rifle handling
  • Basic shooting position
  • Instruction and fault finding
  • Technique
  • Ten shots

It costs just £3 for 10 shots but be aware height restrictions are in place.

You can also get started at  your local club, which will also be able to help you with coaching.

The reason airgunning is a great starting point to get into shooting is that anyone over 18-years-old can purchase an air rifle or air pistol and as long as it is below 12 ft/lbs then you don’t require a licence. Anything above that is classed as a Section 1 firearm and requires you to apply for a firearm certificate.

Click here to find out more about applying for a firearm certificate.