A shooter holding a broken shotgun
A shooter holding a broken shotgun

Applying for a firearms certificate

Fees for certificates in England, Wales and Scotland

Firearm certificateGrant£88
Firearm certificateRenewal£62
Shotgun certificateGrant£79.50
Shotgun certificateRenewal£49
Registered firearms dealerGrant / renewal£200
Extension for registered firearms dealers – game fair/trade eventsValid for up to 3 years for the same event held at the same site£13
Visitors’ permitIndividual£20
Visitors’ permitGroup (six or more permits)£100
Co-terminous certificatesGrant of both shotgun and firearm certificates£90*
Co-terminous certificatesGrant of a shotgun certificate /renewal of firearm certificate£90*
Co-terminous certificatesRenewal of a shotgun certificate /grant of a firearm certificate£90*
Co-terminous certificatesRenewal of both shotgun and firearm certificates £65
Replacement certificate(Note: If lost a charge is made – replacement is free for a dilapidated certificate) £4
Variation (not one for one) – applicable only to firearm certificates £20
Home Office approval for target shooting clubs/schoolsGrant or renewal – valid for 6 years£84
Museums firearm licence Free
Prohibited weapons authority(Note: this relates to trade or professionals only where they are registered as a firearms dealers)Free

*A coterminous certificate is just a means of issuing both firearm and shotgun certificates where an applicant requires both (to expire at the same time) at a cheaper cost to the applicant and also a reduced administration to the police force. If an applicant holds or requires both firearm and shotgun certificates, he can request coterminous certificates by using Form 201 and enclosing the £90 fee. The £90 fee is standard regardless of whether you already hold a certificate or not.

Northern Ireland

Firearm Certificate – grant£98
Firearm Certificate – variation£30
Firearm Certificate variation to substitute one firearm for another of the same calibre or type (known as a one for one variation)£15
Replacement Firearm certificate/dealers certificate (e.g. where your certificate has been lost completely. Dilapidated certificates are replaced free)£14
Firearms Dealer£300
Visitors Permit (1 to 5 people)£16 per person
Visitors Permit (6 to 20 people)£80 for the group
Firearms Club authorisation (grant or renewal – valid for 5 years)£71
Museum firearms licence£110
Extension of a museum firearms licence to additional premises£75

Downloadable firearms forms

New application forms are available below for download. Only one photograph is required and there is a new medical questionnaire.

Make sure you pay particular attention to what the question is asking you and please refer to the notes at the rear of the form before completing the forms.

Please note that many forces have the facility to apply on-line. Members who can use this service are encouraged to do so, as it makes the application process more efficient and provides a audit trail of the application process. Further advice on applications and renewals can be found on the interactive guide on the BASC website.

Application for the grant or renewal of a firearm and/or shotgun certificate – Form 201

Medical proforma- Form 201

Variation form – Form 201

Other useful documents

Explosive licensing forms

Form ER4a is for individuals wishing to use black powder in their own firearms or shotguns, or for historic re-enactment events.

  • Use this form for an ‘acquire only’ or an ‘acquire and keep’ certificate for black powder.
  • Not applicable to clubs, societies, or organisations or for any explosive other than black powder.

Form ER4 is for companies, clubs and societies, powder masters or users. It is not applicable for personally held firearms and shotguns, or historic re-enactment when using black powder only.

ER4b should be used when renewing an explosives certificate at the same time as a firearm or shotgun certificate.

Visitors explosives certificate application form

Form ER4a

Form ER4b

Form ER4