Clay breaking
Clay breaking

Types of clay shooting

Now you have your certificate, shotgun and know how to use it safely you can start competing…

There are a lot of different disciplines, including at the Olympic and Commonwealth games, but they can be broken down into three main categories: sporting, skeet and trap.


This is essentially the shooting of simulated wild quarry. It is the most popular discipline in England and the types of targets thrown are often named according to the type of game they simulate such as ‘rising teal’ or ‘high driven (pheasant)’.

sporting shooting


This is where you shoot at the same two targets from high and low towers, and move around in an arc.

Skeet shooting


You shoot from a bay, which has five stations, and there are single or multiple traps firing targets away from you.

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BASC Legacy Sponsorship scheme

We have launched the BASC Legacy Sponsorship scheme which aims to support and encourage young people keen to pursue competitive clay / target shooting, with a view to progressing towards representing their country in a national team.

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