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BASC Northern Ireland

Areas Covered: County Antrim, County Armagh, County Down, County Fermanagh, County Londonderry, County Tyrone.

BASC Northern Ireland Centre, 33 Castle Street, Lisburn, Co Antrim, BT27 4SP
Telephone: 028 9260 5050 email

The BASC Northern Ireland team are fully committed to delivering a premium service to BASC members which is why we have a “members first” approach. We are widely recognised not only for our success in resolving member’s firearms licensing issues but also our wider work on NI firearms and wildlife legislation.

We continue to lead the way in the Northern Ireland Assembly, as evidenced by our work with the All Party Group on Country Sports which was established by BASC and our elected representatives in January 2013. Our work throughout NI is supported by BASC head office colleagues which is why BASC is the organisation that is best placed to promote and protect all aspects of shooting sports in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland events

June 2018

23 Jun 2018 Range Day - North Antrim Rifle & Pistol Club
Ballyboyland Range, Glenlough Road, Ballymoney

28 Jun 2018 Talking Stalking evening
The Cohannon Inn, 212 Ballynakilly Road, Dungannon

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Warning letters for late submissions of firearm certificate re-grant applications

PSNI FEB are now issuing warning letters to any certificate holder who allows their FAC to expire and is therefore subject to an Article 13 Seizure or Disposal notice.

The warning letters are not time bound and will therefore remain on your file indefinitely and may, at a later date, be used as a reason to refuse an application.

While BASC agrees with FEB in that, no one should be in possession of firearms or ammunition without a valid firearm certificate, we are disappointed that FEB have not informed representative organisations regarding the issuing of warning letters, particularly as there may be, in some instances, a genuine and justifiable reason for the FAC holder’s failure to reapply within the required period.

On the other hand, we can understand the deep frustration felt by some Firearms Enquiry Officers, who spend a significant amount of their valuable time, chasing those who have failed to apply for the re-grant of their FAC on multiple occasions.

FEB are quick to contact BASC and other members of the NI Firearms Forum, asking us to advise our members on issues that are important to the PSNI, e.g. the fact that their online application system is offline and being upgraded.  BASC is disappointed that FEB have not taken a preventative approach by advising key stakeholders prior to making the decision to send out warning letters.

Our message to members is that they must ensure that their further grant applications are submitted at least eight weeks prior to the expiry date of their current FAC.   

Firearm security reminder

We remind members of their responsibilities in relation to the security of firearms and ammunition which should at all times, be stored and transported in line with the General Conditions listed on the front page of all NI FACs.  Keys to gun cabinets should be kept in a secure location or, carried on your person so as to prevent unauthorised access.  If your home is going to be unoccupied for more than a week, firearms should be left with your local firearms dealer for safe storage.  All doors and windows should be secured and where fitted, intruder alarms should be used.  If you use social media, do not highlight the fact that you are a firearm certificate holder or that that your home is unoccupied.

Planning a shooting trip and need your FAC in a hurry?

There has been a significant increase in the number calls from members informing us that they need their firearm certificate processed quickly as they are due to travel on a shooting trip.

If you have a shooting trip booked and you need your firearm certificate processed quickly, then we strongly advise you to put a brief explanatory note in with your application, along with a copy of your booking form and travel arrangements as evidence to show that your request is genuine.

Over the years and when and where appropriate, PSNI FEB processing staff and Senior Firearms Licensing Managers have done their very best to accommodate such requests and we are very grateful for their assistance.  However it is becoming increasingly clear that not all requests are genuine and accordingly, we felt the need to highlight the problem.  We thank members for their understanding.

DAERA Fox Survey – Can you help?

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) have been in touch to ask for BASC member’s assistance with the supply of fox carcasses.  Every year DAERA collects and tests approximately 320 foxes in order to establish if they carry the tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis.

This tapeworm is considered a threat to human health where it occurs in many other parts of the world.   Foxes killed by road traffic accidents (RTAs) are also collected by DAERA throughout the year, whereas shot foxes are only collected from 1st August to the end of March.

If you are in a position to provide shot foxes or foxes that have been killed as a result of an RTA, then please contact DAERA on 07767 271431.  Alternatively, you can email the DAERA team at   DAERA can only test fresh foxes (24-48 hours from being killed).  Please note the department do not accept fox carcasses from outside Northern Ireland.

BASC Membership – Direct Debit directdebitflash

Both new and existing members are encouraged to pay their subscriptions by Direct Debit. Joining the UK’s largest shooting organisation has never been easier or more cost effective. Phased direct debit now makes it easier for members to manage the cost of their BASC membership. Direct Debit payments are easy and convenient and will ensure that your membership will always be up to date. They are also safe as you are properly protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. It only takes a few minutes to set up – we will do the rest!


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BASC Fast-Track Electronic Newsletter

Are you signed up to receive our Fast-Track electronic newsletters?

Fast-Track is a simple and effective way of ensuring that you are kept up to date with important news and forthcoming events. To sign up or to check whether or not you are signed up to receive Fast-Track, please visit the members area of our website and click on the “Mailing Preferences” link.

Please also encourage your friends and family to sign up. Alternatively, please contact the NI Office on 028 92 605050 for assistance.

Do you know a vet who will dock the tails of working dog litters?

BASC Northern Ireland is compiling a list of veterinary surgeons who will dock working dogs.

If you know of vets who will undertake the procedure with working gundog breed puppies, please contact us by email or 028 9260 5050.

How to report a Wildlife Crime


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