grey squirrel on a tree
Grey squirrel

Mink and grey squirrel trapping and dispatch course

The aim of this course is to equip the candidate with a more in-depth knowledge, understanding, skills and awareness required for the trapping and dispatching of mink or grey squirrel. 

This is a one-day course which will provide a sturdy foundation of knowledge. There is no requirement for you to have your own air rifle.

Theory and technique will be dealt with in a classroom moving on to the practical area in the afternoon to cover practical aspects which will deal with monitoring, trapping and dispatching techniques.

The course will offer the candidate plenty of time to ask questions and discuss their situations.  It is an ideal course aimed at those wishing to control and remove mink or grey squirrel.  

What is covered

  • Ecology & behaviour
  • Mink and grey squirrel in the uk
  • Monitoring & trapping
  • Record keeping
  • Risk assessments
  • Firearms regulations
  • Rifles and ammunition
  • Humane despatch


  • £110 BASC members
  • £145 Non-members

If you wish to undertake this course in 2024 please contact the Training & Education department on 01244 57018 to discuss your requirements. Course dates for 2025 will be issued soon.

Should there be insufficient bookings, BASC reserves the right to cancel the course. In the interests of fairness, BASC will aim to notify candidates of cancellation as soon as possible before the advertised start date. We strongly recommend that fees for any accommodation you book be refundable as BASC will not be responsible for any losses candidates incur. If for any reason you cancel your place on the course then the following scale of charges may apply:

Charge non-members

Charge members

Reallocation to another course (only available eight weeks or more before the course start date)



Second reallocation to another course (only available eight weeks or more before the course start date AND only in exceptional circumstances)



Cancellation more than eight weeks before the course start date

40% course cost

30% course cost

Cancellation less than eight weeks but more than four weeks before the course start date

75% course cost

60% course cost

Cancellation less than four weeks before the course start date

100% course cost

100% course cost