A coach pointing to the sky next to a student
A coach pointing to the sky next to a student

Become a shotgun coach

Ever thought about becoming a shotgun coach? Perhaps this is the year you can turn that ambition into reality…

Passing on your knowledge and skills and bringing on the next generation of shooters is immensely rewarding, as all our accredited shotgun coaches attest. And one of the major routes into the sports for young people is the shotgun line BASC runs at regular Scout and Guide Jamborees.

At last year’s Poacher 2022 International Jamboree in Lincolnshire, our coaches gave 4,844 lessons; for most of the youngsters, it was their first taste of shotgun shooting.

With another jamboree scheduled for August 2024, there will be openings for more shotgun coaches, and BASC’s training and education team is keen to get more candidates on their way to accreditation.

Here’s what some of our coaches have to say:

Andy Plant: “If we are to ensure a future for shooting, young people are the audience we need to be engaging with. The jamborees are a brilliant format to do this. Although tiring, coaching at a jamboree is very rewarding for all involved, bringing many a smile to the faces of both youngsters and coaches! A high proportion of these youngsters would never have tried shotgun shooting if we (BASC) had not found a way to deliver this with the Scouts and Guides.”

Bruce Marks: “I enjoy the challenge of the jamborees in introducing large numbers of young people to shotgun shooting, and seeing their enjoyment and sense of achievement when they break their first clay. The fact that large numbers return for another go speaks volumes for the popularity of the clay line and the commitment of the coaches. It also provides the opportunity to socialise and network with colleagues from other regions at the end of each working day.”

Simon Clarke: “I always look forward to Jamboree events. As a coach I draw great satisfaction from guiding individuals to safely use shotguns and successfully break clays and, in many cases, starting their shooting journey. These events also provide the opportunity for coaches to reconnect with the BASC family and exchange ideas.”

Mike Pettitt: “I enjoy the Jamborees immensely, as they are very well organised. One of my greatest memories, that always brings a lump to my throat, was the joy it brought to a child with special needs when they hit a clay for the first time. The smiles and excitement make it all worthwhile.”

The course offers a fun and friendly learning environment run by professional trainers. As one recent candidate put it: “The training provided by BASC is second to none. It is structured in a way that is flexible, easy to understand and enjoyable.”

What you need to know:

  • The course lasts three days and is open to BASC members only.
  • The cost is £725 (which includes six follow-up mentoring sessions).

Prerequisites: You must be over 21, hold a current shotgun certificate, possess the Safe Shot Award and attend a coaching Foundation Day prior to booking.

By day three of the course, you will be coaching newcomers under supervision.

When your mentor feels you have reached the standard required, you will attend a BASC assessment event, including coaching lines at game fairs, operating around the country to complete your award.

You will then become a part of the BASC shotgun coaching team. There is no requirement to volunteer for BASC at this stage but you will be encouraged to take part in our shows and events – especially Jamborees.

Volunteers at BASC events get their expenses covered, including accommodation costs where appropriate.