BASC’s science department focus on the sustainability of shooting in the UK and the impacts of shooting on our quarry species. Projects often use citizen scientists to collect high quality field data and work in partnership with key national and international partners. A selection of our current projects can be found below.


Green Shoots

Everyone knows that our countryside and the wildlife it supports is under increasing pressure – but how much more pressure would there be without the influence of shooting sports?


Duck and Goose Wing Survey

We are asking shooters to collect duck and goose wings from each bird they shoot to help us demonstrate the sustainability of our sport.


Wildfowling and Water Bird Disturbance

Disturbance to wintering waterfowl caused by wildfowling has been viewed as having a high potential to affect waterfowl populations.


Rice Breast Disease in Ducks

Sarcocystosis, or ‘rice breast’ disease of ducks, is caused by the parasite Sarcocystis spp and seems to be on the rise in the UK.