PCC elections: make a difference to the future of firearms licensing

police car

BASC has launched a contact platform to allow you to find out where your local Police and Crime Commissioner candidates stand on firearms licensing ahead of PCC elections on 2 May 2024.

In England and Wales, Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are responsible for holding Chief Constables, who in turn are responsible for service delivery, to account. They also preside over the police budget and Policing Plan.

Consequently, PCCs play a vital part in ensuring your local police force fulfils its statutory obligations on firearms licensing and delivers the service in an efficient and effective manner, while protecting public safety.

PCC elections take place on 2 May. We are asking anyone who shoots to email their prospective PCC candidates using our electronic contact platform in advance of the election. The aim of contacting each candidate is establish where they stand on shooting and firearms licensing.

Head of firearms at BASC, Martin Parker, said: “Your PCC is the only person who can hold the Chief Constable to account for a force’s performance in regard to firearms licensing.

“Historically, PCC elections have a low turnout; so find out where prospective candidates stand on licensing performance and use your vote accordingly on 2 May. It really does make a difference.”

BASC’s PCC election platform can be found here. It’s easy to use, and allows you to search for your local PCC candidates by police force. We’ve provided a sample email text for you to use, and the email will go straight to each candidate you select. 

BASC is compiling information based on the responses received, so we’re also asking to you to send us a copy of emails sent to you from each candidate to politics@basc.org.uk.