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PCC elections and firearms licensing

We need your help to write to Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) on firearms licensing in advance of the PCC elections on 2 May.

This page allows you to identify your candidates and email them with a letter on improving the efficiency of firearms licensing. Please ensure that any replies that you receive are forwarded to politics@basc.org.uk

One of the key roles of a PCC is to hold the force’s Chief Constable, who is responsible for service delivery, to account. PCCs also sign off the police budget and Policing Plan. Consequently, they play a vital part in ensuring your local police force fulfils its statutory obligations on firearms licensing and delivers the service in an efficient and effective manner that protects public safety.

On 2 May, you have the opportunity to vote in your local PCC elections. This is your chance to elect a PCC who will ensure the delivery of a good service. We’re asking members to write to their prospective PCC candidates in advance of the election, to establish where they stand on shooting. In particular, members should seek reassurance on the following:

  • The firearms licensing department is sufficiently well-resourced to deliver certificate renewals and grants in a timely manner. ie. 95 per cent of all renewals and grants (except those involving serious safety concerns which may require more investigation) are completed within 17 weeks.

  • If it doesn’t exist, the force should set up a liaison system, often called an Independent Advisory Group (IAG) where key stakeholders have the opportunity to give feedback to the force on its decisions and performance with respect to firearms licensing.

Both objectives are referred to in the latest College of Policing Approved Professional Practice (APP), which can be found here. They should be referenced in the PCC’s Policing Plan and the Chief Constable’s Strategic Demand Assessment of the force’s firearms licensing department. The former is always published and there should be a commitment to publishing the latter.

Please write by email to your prospective PCCs using our suggested wording, which you can amend, on the contact platform below and let BASC know the terms of any reply you receive by emailing it to politics@basc.org.uk

And don’t forget to vote on the 2 May; your vote really can make the difference in PCC elections where turnout is normally low. With fewer than half of forces performing efficiently, this is your opportunity to make a change and help get firearms licensing back on track.

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Not all candidates are yet to be announced but we will be adding them when their details are released. Please use the site for the candidates that we have and check back for new candidates in your area.

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