Firearms licensing service raised with Dyfed Powys

A rifle scope

BASC recently met with representatives from Dyfed Powys Police to discuss issues raised around firearms licensing in the force area.

The meeting was called after BASC dealt with more than 80 membership enquiries in the last year regarding the service provided by Dyfed Powys firearms licensing department.

In a letter issued following the meeting, Dyfed Powys Chief Constable Dr Richard Lewis said he was “grateful” to BASC for bringing to his attention issues that members have experienced with the force.

Dr Lewis, who was appointed as Chief Constable in December, confirmed that he met with the force’s firearms licencing department to “identify ways to improve the service” they provide to licence holders.

Steve Griffiths, BASC Wales Director, said: “Our engagement with the Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner has been both constructive and productive. We raised several important issues that our members in Dyfed Powys have brought to our attention.

“For many in Dyfed Powys owning a firearm is a requirement of work. It is vital the service provided is effective and consistent. We look forward to continuing this engagement to benefit BASC members in the force area.”

The meeting was part of our ongoing pro-active work with police forces focusing on issues around firearms licencing.

BASC representatives are scheduled to visit the Dyfed Powys Police headquarters in March to continue engagement with the force. 

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