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BASC Wales

BASC Wales aims to provide a public voice for shooting and conservation in Wales with cross party support in the Welsh Assembly Government.

BASC Wales, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham, LL12 0HL. Tel: 01244 573029   email

BASC Wales aims to provide a public voice for shooting and conservation in Wales with cross party support in the Welsh Assembly Government. To campaign on the issues affecting shooting and conservation in Wales through balanced coverage in the Welsh media.  To defend the freedom of private firearms ownership, promote healthy quarry populations and habitats and encourage access to shooting in Wales. To raise standards and provide expert advice.

Members tell us what they want

Earlier this year BASC conducted an online satisfaction survey amongst its members living in Wales. The feedback respondents gave was very positive.

Wales events

October 2019

24 Oct 2019 Improve Your Game Shooting Day, Fauxdegla Premier Shooting Ground
Fauxdegla Shooting Ground, Llandegla, Wrexham

25 Oct 2019 Taste of Game Dinner - Llandudno
Bodysgallen Hall & Spa, The Royal Welsh Way, Llandudno

29 Oct 2019 Young Shots day : North Wales Junior Macnab Challenge
Tan-Y-Mynydd Trout Fishery, Moelfre, Abergele

BASC .410 World Championships 2018 - Results

Thanks to all of the competitors who joined us for the BASC .410 World Championships at the Mid-Wales Shooting Centre on Saturday 22nd September.

Congratulations to Nick Beavis our ‘2018 World Champion’ who once again shot extremely well to retain his 2017 title with a winning score of 47 ex 50.


The date for the 2019 BASC .410 World Championship has changed to 19 October 2019.

Natural Resources Wales’s firearms policy

Briefing for BASC members

Call for evidence:  A review of the use of shooting on land managed by Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

BASC's response to a Welsh Government consultation to inform the development of its Natural Resources Policy

Shooting in Wales contributes to the sustainable management of natural resources, including safeguarding and increasing carbon stores; improving health and equity through access to good quality green and blue spaces; improving the quality and connectivity of our habitats; and retaining the distinctiveness of our places and historic landscapes.

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Mink & Grey Squirrel Control

Free Training Days for Volunteers
These courses contribute towards BASCs Green Shoots project in Wales.  Details of upcoming courses can be found on the BASC Wales Events & Courses Page.

New Welsh code of best practice on fox snaring

If you use snares to control foxes in Wales, you will need to know the requirements of the new Welsh code of best practice on fox snaring and its implications for shoots and gamekeepers.

You can read the new code of best practice on the Welsh Government website: Click here for the English version or Click here for the Welsh language version.

Welsh outdoor access consultation – latest update

A summary of responses has been published by the Welsh Government, following its controversial outdoor access consultation last year. No decisions have been made on whether any changes should be taken forward but the responses may be used to inform decisions by the next Welsh Ministers. Some key points from the summary of responses report were as follows:

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  • 5,796 responses were received.
  • The key aim of the consultation was to gather information and views from people about how potential improvements to the legislative system could impact future demand for outdoor recreation; and their potential impact on land and water concerns, including existing users, land managers and the natural environment.
  • The responses will help inform decisions by the next Welsh Ministers.
  • Right of responsible recreation to all land – 50% for 50% against. Potential benefits of responsible access to all land were identified as economic, health and the simplification of rights. The two key challenges identified were the potential impact on livestock and land management; and implications of potential increase to land managers in liability and costs.
  • Statutory code – 77% supported the introduction of a statutory code of conduct for outdoor recreation in Wales.

BASC responded to the consultation last year and argued that there should not be a right of recreation to all land in Wales; instead there should be greater emphasis on improving the existing access.

Click here for more on BASC’s position

Click here for more on the consultation

BASC responds to Welsh Government consultation on proposal to take white-fronted geese off the quarry list in Wales

BASC Wales recently responded to the Welsh Government consultation on proposals to remove Greenland White-fronted Geese from the quarry list. This consultation closed on 7th March and the BASC Wales response in support of retaining the status quo can be seen here.

BASC response to Welsh white fronted goose consultation.pdf

Responsible dog ownership in Wales

In April 2015 Deputy Minister Rebecca Evans tasked RSPCA Cymru to undertake an independent review of responsible dog ownership in Wales. This review was recently submitted to the Welsh Government and has outlined several recommendations to improve dog welfare. BASC participated in the review submitting written evidence and attended a meeting with the core group. Rebecca Evans AM, Deputy Minister for Farming & Food said “I am grateful to the RSPCA Cymru, the Core Group and all of the stakeholders who engaged in this process. Their findings will assist in policy development considerations for the next Government to take forward.”

Farmers Union of Wales Partnership with BASC Wales

Talks have been on going with FUW and BASC staff to form a partnership agreement for the purpose of a Pest Control Service for FUW members supplied by BASC members. This provides land and shooting opportunity for BASC members and a welcomed pest control service for farmers and land owners who are FUW members. Through forming a club/group of BASC members we can ensure that any pest control service would be fully insured and those undertaking the work would have to adhere to all BASC codes of practice while on FUW members land. A formal agreement will be signed by both parties and a single contact point agreed upon in order to lessen the burden on the farmer/land owner. No cost would be incurred by the land-owner, therefore this has to be a beneficial situation for any FUW member and a great opportunity for BASC members to find more places to shoot on. If you are interested please contact BASC Wales.

BASC Wales Engage with Young Farmers Clubs

Over the last month BASC Wales has visited young farmers clubs from Llangefni on the Isle of Anglesey to the village of Cilcain in the heart of the Clwyd valley. The enthusiasm and interest shown by the young farmers at these clubs towards shooting sports and conservation has been refreshing and their knowledge, understanding and respect for the countryside has been shown to be excellent. During the visits BASC Wales gave presentations on shooting, conservation and safe shot courses and all were well received and produced a great response and great dialog. BASC Wales would like to further engage with the Young Farmers Clubs nationally and if you would like a BASC Wales officer to visit your club please contact the BASC Wales office.

Wildfowlers: The eyes and ears of our coastline.

Wildfowlers and other coastline users can now report any suspicious, out of place or strange activity through a new initiative by our four police forces called ‘Coast Watch Wales’. It is designed to enhance the security of the Welsh coast line and identify vessels and individuals engaged in suspicious maritime and coastal based activity. Such activity could be linked to smuggling, organised crime and terrorist activity. Coast Watch Wales has provided a confidential central phone number, Web-site and e-mail facility that enables the general public to report suspicious maritime and coastal activity twenty four hours a day without providing your details. All reports will then be investigated by the Coast Watch Team. Wildfowling clubs and their members around the coast of Wales are encouraged to report any suspicious activity they see while participating in their sport.

You can telephone anonymously on 0800 555 111 or 999 in an emergency.

Help them to ensure the Welsh coast line and the communities of Wales are safe and secure.

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Sporting Rifle Courses

Small game and lamping £125 Click here for more information

Welsh Assembly offers grant money for BASC shotgun coach qualification

Click below for more information.

Foundation Apprenticeship in Game & Wildlife Management

Glynllifon College site are continuously seeking new opportunities for future Apprentices in the Game and Wildlife industry and currently seeking work placements for apprentices.

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