Junior Macnab well and truly bagged at Scone

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Junior Macnab well and truly bagged at Scone

More than 100 children and young people took part in the Junior Macnab Challenge at the Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace this weekend.

Supported by BASC, the Scottish Youth & the Countryside Education Trust (SYCET), and many others, the Junior Macnab Challenge is about is all about encouraging young people to discover and develop their countryside skills.

Held across all three days of last week’s Scottish Game Fair, the challenge proved more popular than ever this year. In total, 109 young people tested their countryside metal in the three-part competition.

Run by BASC, the Junior Macnab involved hitting a target with an air rifle, shooting clay pigeons and fly casting at various locations around the Scone Game Fair.

At the end of each day, all of those who successfully completed their challenge Game Card entered a draw to win a fantastic array of prizes generously donated by our sponsors.

The Junior Macnab Challenge forms part of BASC’s wider outreach and education work, which this year will see our teams come into contact with more than 25,000 young people. Find out more about our BASC to School campaign here.

A key rural organisation, SYCET was formed in 1986 with the aim of promoting the wider understanding of the countryside, its sporting traditions and its wildlife. It hopes to improve the lives of young people in Scotland by introducing them to new experiences and skills, which they will use throughout their lives.

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