BASC issues AI update

A shooter getting their gundog to retrieve

Following the introduction of Avian Influenza Prevention Zones (AIPZ) in Great Britain and Northern Ireland this week, BASC has updated advice provided to members via our dedicated avian influenza hub.

The AIPZs have were announced following a change in the risk levels and an increase in the number of detections of avian influenza in kept and wild birds, in order to mitigate the risk of the disease spreading amongst poultry and captive birds.

Although shooting is not restricted under an AIPZ, it became a legal requirement for all bird keepers in the UK to follow strict biosecurity measures to help protect their flocks from the threat of avian flu. 

Your questions answered

In addition to the publication of the latest developments in the AI situation across the UK, BASC has published a series of FAQs, which can be found here

Covering issues such as biosecurity, gundogs and how to find out if you are in an AI disease control zone, the FAQs contain a raft of information and links to the appropriate sections of government websites.

We will continue to update our guidance as the situation evolves. If you require any specific advice or information not covered in our AI hub, please get in touch with your BASC regional office or email here.