A comprehensive look at particular topics relating to shooting sports.

A helping hand for Tufty

Richard Saunders, a journalist and airgun shooter with over 30 years’ experience, explains how airgun shooters are spearheading a project to return red squirrels to Cornwall.

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Fighting Back

Airgun enthusiast and BASC member Jason Braithwaite reports on an exciting and successful red squirrel conservation project taking place in woodlands of Western Lakeland.

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Invasive plant species such as Himalayan balsam destroy native flora

The Day of the Triffids

The old adage of managing plants by mouth, match or machine is a good one but some species are causing us some serious issues. Ian Danby looks at invasive alien plant species.

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Invasive species or natural migrants - opossum

A natural choice?

Are non-native species dangerous invaders or simply examples of evolution in action? Marta Jacyna investigates the dilemma.

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