Celebrating the great and the good

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Every year, BASC presents a number of prestigious honours and awards, celebrating those who go the extra mile for the benefit of shooting and conservation.

BASC members have the opportunity to nominate anyone who they think deserves recognition for their contribution to shooting and conservation for one of our annual honours and awards

There are are a total of 10 BASC honours and awards that people can be nominated for, which are as follows:

Honorary Vice President

A lifetime award, awarded to someone who has shown, by their actions, commitment to BASC and the association’s objectives at a high level. Examples include ex-presidents, senior politicians and people who have served in public bodies, distinguished professionals who have served publicly over an extended period and with special distinction in support of BASC. 

Honorary Life Membership

A lifetime award, awarded to someone who has given prolonged and exceptional service in the eyes of fellow members. They will have served the membership of the Association over an extended period of years, perhaps through unpaid service to one of our affiliated bodies or clubs, or as a volunteer. 

The Prince Philip Distinguished Service Award

Awarded for a significant national contribution to BASC and / or shooting with no time considerations. This award may be given for a single or short term event that has provided exceptional benefit for BASC membership, shooting sports or shooting-related conservation projects.

The Payne-Gallwey Long Service Award

Awarded for twenty years or more local service as an officer of a club / syndicate or for long-term volunteering at events. This award seeks to recognise club secretaries (or similar officers of a club/syndicate) who have served continuously in post. 

The Stanley Duncan Conservation Trophy

Given by the 7th Earl of Leicester, and awarded to the club, syndicate, group of members, or individual member who, in the opinion of Council, have contributed most within the preceding three years to highlight BASC work in the field of conservation.

The Ian Richardson Trophy

Awarded by BASC staff, and awarded to an individual (not necessarily a member) who, in the opinion of BASC employees, has made a special contribution to BASC in whatever field.

The Tim Sedgwick Trophy

This trophy was given by the Chichester Harbour Wildfowlers’ Association and is presented annually to an individual who, in the opinion of Council, has contributed markedly to BASC in the preceding 12 months.

Special Presentation Award

Presented to those who may, or may not, be members of BASC, buy have been recommended by Council and / or staff. The service being recognised must be special, but it can take any form and have occurred over any length of time. The single criterion is that of benefit to BASC that merits public recognition.

BASC Women in Shooting Award

The Women In Shooting award recognises women who are contributing to the promotion of fieldsports, inspiring others, demonstrating commitment beyond what is ordinarily expected. From the beating line to the foreshore and everything in between, we encourage nominations for anyone you feel deserves recognition in the field of women’s shooting.

Gamekeeper of the Year Award

A new award for 2024, it is intended for a BASC member who is a full-time gamekeeper. It recognises outstanding effort throughout the year in active conservation and habitat management, coupled with excellent work in game rearing and management, resulting in the provision of enjoyable and successful sport during the season.

Nominate now

You can find out more information on each award and how to nominate here. Nominations close on 28 February 2024.