Welsh gamebird release decision pushed back by NRW 

A male pheasant

BASC has welcomed an announcement by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) that is has halted plans to license the release of gamebirds next season.

This follows a huge response by the shooting community to a public consultation that proposed banning the release of pheasants and red-legged partridge as early as next year. The proposals were described as a ban on shooting in Wales by the back-door.

NRW has today said that because of the volume of responses to the consultation, it needs at least another year to consider its advice to the relevant minister.

BASC urges NRW to release details of the consultation responses before that minister makes a decision.

BASC’s ‘Act Now’ campaign led to a huge response from the shooting and rural community to the consultation. The campaign was supported by BASC’s Fighting Fund.

NRW are currently analysing and considering what they described as “some very detailed and technical submissions” before any decision will be made. It was initially announced that licensing would be in place in time for the 2024/25 season but that is seen as no longer “achievable” by NRW.

BASC Wales director Steve Griffiths, said: “NRW’s decision to delay its advice for a year is a sensible and pragmatic approach, but we still firmly believe that regulation is unnecessary.

“We urge NRW to release details of the responses to the consultation and will continue to fight to make sure that shooting’s voice is heard.

“The consultation proposals threatened the future of shooting in Wales and the size of the response is indicative of the seriousness which the shooting and rural community considered that threat.”