Delivering knowledge and skills for the future of shooting

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We’d like to hear from you to help shape BASC’s training courses and educational provision going forward.

We are undertaking a health check of BASC’s training and education provision to ensure that we continue to provide a service that is relevant for the needs of participants, today and in the future.

We would like our members and the broader shooting community to be part of this process by filling in a short survey. This will allow us to gather different opinions and expose needs from across the shooting community.

Does BASC have a training and education team?

Yes. It involves a passionate and busy team of staff and volunteers that provide a variety of training and coaching experiences, covering multiple disciplines and subject matters. From deer qualifications and game meat hygiene, to shotgun coaching, grey squirrel control and health and safety training, our teams deliver training to BASC members and non-members all over the UK.

For further information on the courses currently available please visit our training pages here.

Why is training important?

Training enables our skills and knowledge to grow, providing a better understanding of the importance of shooting sustainably. It ensures we comply with the law and best practice, resulting in a shooting community which is credible. Training can also provide a structured route for novice shooters or those wanting to try new disciplines.

A group being spoken to by a coach
BASC teams deliver training to members and non-members all over the UK

We never stop learning.

Following the mantra that ‘every day is a school day’, each day we absorb new information or improve our skills. BASC believes that a forward-thinking shooting community should made up of well informed, skilled, and passionate advocates for the many benefits that shooting brings. Training and education has a huge part to play in this.

Why should people take part in the survey?

Part of our review process is to establish what our customers need moving forward, what has worked well in the past and how we could improve our delivery in the future.

Perhaps you have always wanted to do a BASC course, but there were certain elements that prevented you from doing so. Or, maybe you would like to see more training available online, reducing travel/accommodation costs.

Whatever your thoughts and experiences, please fill out the survey. It only takes a few minutes and together we can deliver training and education that is relevant, improves our skillset as a sector and is respected by broader society.