King Charles III: a rural stalwart

For many of us, the Royal Family is synonymous with tradition, heritage and history. But look closer at the activity of its members, and you will find that their work in the realm of environmental protection is often distinguished by a tendency to think ahead of their time.

A friend of the countryside

King Charles III made his first speech about the environment in 1968, seven years before the term ‘global warming’ was so much as uttered. Contrary to the palace’s supposed ‘never complain, never explain’ motto, in the ensuing years the young Prince of Wales spoke out about myriad issues – from plastic waste and oil pollution at sea, to regenerative agriculture, biodiversity loss, and the decline of salmon stocks in Scottish rivers.

Our new King’s lifelong endeavour to improve environmental awareness has seen him work with numerous organisations. He is president of the World Wildlife Fund, and a patron of the Soil Association, the National Hedgelaying Society, and the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, to name but a few. In 2010, he established The Prince’s Countryside Trust, which exists to improve the prospects of family farm businesses and the quality of rural life. It has since given away grants exceeding £10 million to more than 350 projects that benefit rural Britain.

King Charles

A King who understands the role of our community

The Royal Family is tied to the countryside in much the same way shooting is tied to the conservation of so many species and habitats across the UK. King Charles’ ethos, we believe, very much aligns with BASC’s. But that should come as no surprise; his father, Prince Philip, the late Duke of Edinburgh, was a keen shooting man and passionate conservationist who served as the association’s patron from 1968 until his death in 2021.

Just like those who went before him, there’s little doubt King Charles understands the key role our community plays in practical conservation. From the tall, bustling hedgerows of Sandringham in Norfolk to the jagged vistas of Balmoral in the Highlands of Scotland, he grew up with proof of the fact at his feet.

His Majesty is a friend of the countryside. We wish him all the very best in his reign as monarch.

Coronation pheasant

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