Welsh politicians join celebration of game

Bodysgallen Hall in Llandudno

A group of Welsh politicians were among the guests at an event hosted by BASC in North Wales, designed to showcase the best of Welsh game meat.

Mabon ap Gwynfor MS, Sam Rowlands MS and Mark Isherwood MS attended the event at Bodysgallen Hall in Llandudno.

Mabon ap Gwynfor MS said: “The evening was a great event to celebrate Wales’ fantastic game meat. Not only did we get to appreciate the delicious flavours but also the value of game meat to rural Wales, economically, culturally, and environmentally.

“Game is among the best meat we can eat – it is with us in abundance across the whole of Wales, meaning low food miles and better environmental and conservation outcomes; it is packed full of protein and is lean and healthy. It would be good to see greater game meat consumption and see it introduced not only in upmarket restaurants but also on lunch plates in our schools and at home.

“I look forward to doing what I can to promote game products and try to get it on our plates more often.”

Mark Isherwood MS said: “It was a pleasure to celebrate and savour the delicious game meat which our rural economy has to offer. This is a healthy and sustainable food source, deeply rooted in Welsh heritage and culture. Its preparation and consumption as food for the mainstream should be supported and encouraged.”

Sam Rowlands MS said: “The evening organised by BASC was a brilliant celebration of wild game meat – a truly remarkable Welsh resource. Game is versatile, tasty and sustainable.

“I commend the work BASC is doing to promote its use to the wider public and, after the incredible dinner at Bodysgallen Hall, I hope that a day will soon come when game meat will be much more accessible to everyone. I will definitely do my bit to support and promote it myself.”

After the event, BASC Wales’ David Boden, said: “Game meat is a regular feature on the tables of many families in Wales and the Welsh Government has shown support for the Welsh game meat. I would like to thank the Members of the Senedd and all the guests who attended the evening making it such a success.”