BASC statement on the future of snaring in Wales


Following the announcement that the use of all snares, including humane cable restraining devices, are set to be banned in Wales through the Agriculture (Wales) Bill, BASC has released the following statement:

The decision to ban snares through the Agriculture (Wales) Bill will negatively impact farming and conservation practices and has no basis in scientific evidence.

A full ban goes against the Senedd’s Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee recommendations of a stepwise approach and is an unjustified restriction on the necessary control of foxes as a form of protecting young livestock and vulnerable ground-nesting birds.

BASC Wales director Steve Griffiths said:  “BASC remains opposed to a full ban. The latest modern snare designs, also known as humane cable restraints, when used as referenced in the Welsh Government’s code of best practice, meet international standards.

“BASC has proposed a solution of legislating against the use of non-code compliant snares while allowing the continued use of humane restraining devices alongside regulated training measures.

“This route would allow the continued use of this necessary and effective wildlife management tool at times and locations when other options simply do not work.”