Shotguns returned following pigeon shooting seizure

A flock of pigeons in a field

BASC has assisted with the return of shotguns to a group of pigeon shooters following their inappropriate seizure by Greater Manchester Police.

Several BASC members were out shooting pigeons in Lancashire when half a dozen armed police officers attended the scene. 

Although those shooting were able to provide their shotgun certificates and the farmer confirmed their permission to control pigeons for crop protection, the armed police still seized their shotguns.

Following the shotguns being returned, Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that they are undertaking an internal review into the incident. BASC has offered training to the officers, which is already being delivered across a number of other forces.

Duncan Thomas, BASC’s regional director for the north of England, said the decision was completely disproportionate and contacted the force immediately after the matter was first raised with BASC. In an interview with Fieldsports Channel he said he was hopeful that “there will be some learning out of the incident”.

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