Newborn deer: ‘if you see me, leave me be’

Credit Charles Newman

BASC has launched a joint campaign with the British Deer Society (BDS) to educate members of the public on the importance of giving pregnant deer and their newborns plenty of space when out enjoying the countryside.

Every year fit and healthy newborn deer are taken to rescue centres unnecessarily by people believing that they require assistance.

BASC and the BDS are working to raise awareness of the need to leave them be. 

Newborn deer that are disturbed, moved or touched could be abandoned by their mothers – almost certainly resulting in death for the young deer.

The young deer will be left hidden and camouflaged in grass and undergrowth, while their mothers feed nearby. Their mothers will naturally return to them every couple of hours to feed and nurse the youngsters, getting to them to point where they are then strong enough to accompany on their daily excursions.

Keep your dogs under control

Reminding anyone who is out enjoying the countryside to keep their dogs under control, particularly at this time of year is a key part of the campaign.

Dogs not roaming off the lead are a risk for chasing pregnant deer, disturbing new-borns or indeed themselves vulnerable to being attacked by a new mother.

Deer are highly protective of their young and dogs are often attacked or chased if they come too close to them. 

When it comes to deer, BASC and the British Deer Society are reminding people to:

  • ·       Respect both wild and farmed deer
  • ·       Give pregnant deer and new mothers plenty of space
  • ·       Do not touch or disturb newborn deer found alone
  • ·       Keep your dogs on a lead
For more information on deer and deer management visit BASC’s dedicated pages here or the BDS website.


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