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Gun and rifle insurance

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Newmoon Insurance exclusive cover for shotgun and rifle insurance.

With the average cost of a rifle or shotgun now at £5000, having insurance can often provide imperative for when an unexpected event occurs. More often than not, guns are well looked after however accidents can happen. With stock breakage or damage to the barrel a common cause of detriment, repair work if at all possible, can often be costly.

We provide cover on an all risks basis for specified shooting and sporting equipment. Newmoon not only provide shotgun and rifle insurance but cover can also be extended to cover: sights, binoculars, night vision and many other accessories.

Our policy includes special rates and extensions for BASC members. It also allows you to select on a gun by gun basis, the level of cover you require including; New for old, Indemnity, Agreed value, Premises only cover.

Some of the benefits of our policy include:

  • Cover at home, gun club, at a shoot, transit to and from a shoot
  • Repair or replacement
  • Accidental damage includes barrel blow-out (many house insurance exclude this cover)
  • Alternative Hire cost up £250 per year
  • Dedicated pairs and sets clauses
  • Cover against Damage caused whilst being loaded by another person on a shoot with you
  • Cover for Loaning your gun to another member of your Association(conditions apply)
  • Option for Professional and commercial use
  • Standard gun cover includes accessories up to  the value of £750
  • £0 excess on your insured guns (except Indemnity basis where an excess applies from 10% – 30% depending on age of gun)
  • Cover anywhere in the UKwith optional 21 days worldwide extension for an additional premium
  • Sums insured up to £100,000.

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Please read and select key facts and for the policy wording full details.


The BASC Gun Insurance is provided by Newmoon FCA registration number 498667

Newmoon Customer Case study:

At the end of 2015 one long standing member of BASC used their insurance policy when a crack appeared in the stock of his personally fitted Perazzi gun. Upon noticing the crack although unaware of how it occurred, he contacted Newmoon Insurance to make a claim. The claim was submitted along with photos of the damage and it was determined that it occurred from an unknown trauma. The repair, the cost of which was estimated at over £4,000, was covered by his policy and his Perazzi gun was fully repaired and returned to him shortly after.

Describing the overall event, the gentleman commented: “It was paid out quickly and with no hassle”.

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