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BASC Members Insurance


mananddogadvertpicOur membership comes with insurance you can rely on.

At BASC we look after the interests of over 148,000 shooting enthusiasts – more than any other organisation in the UK.

We use our size and all our experience to support the sport you love and give you the highest level of insurance cover built into your membership. You can always be certain that you’re properly protected.

If you are already a member, don’t forget to introduce a friend – you could both win a brand new Browning shotgun. See our Member Get a Member page on the website for details.

BASC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ref 311937

  • BASC members’ insurances are always there for you as policies of first resort, with dedicated helplines and skilled claims handlers.
  • BASC members’ insurance is well-known and widely accepted, including overseas.
  • You can trust BASC members’ insurance; BASC is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is covered by the Financial Services Compensation scheme.

BASC insurance services offer a range of specially tailored insurance policies for BASC members, which are arranged by Marsh Ltd.

Liability cover

As a BASC member you automatically receive the following Insurance package:

  • £10 million Legal Liability Cover ( for all shooting categories )
  • £10 million Employer Liability Cover ( for all shooting categories )
  • £10 million Product Liability cover ( for all shooting categories )

The policies provide cover for The British Association for Shooting and Conservation Limited and each member thereof. The Policies cover recreational activities of wildfowling, rabbit, pigeon, game, deer, vermin and target shooting, air-gunning, conservation, hawking, archery, angling and ferreting.

The policies provide worldwide cover with a limitation of 90 days to cover holidays for members resident permanently in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. (Excluding North America & Canada).

The BASC insurance only covers recreational activities.

If you have any questions on the policy please call 0370 9032037 (Option 1)

Legal expenses insurance

Arranged by Aim Risk Services

£100,000 of cover for:

Refusal to grant or renew a shotgun or firearm certificate Revocation or refusal to vary a firearms certificate
Partial revocation of a firearms certificate
Revocation of a shotgun certificate
Conditions imposed on a firearm or shotgun certificate

For more information or to make a claim please contact the BASC firearms team

Personal accident insurance

Arranged by Marsh Ltd.

£50,000 cover for:

Personal accident resulting on the loss of or loss of use of sight, hearing ,limbs while engaged in the recreational activities of wildfowling, rabbit, pigeon, game, deer, vermin and target shooting, air-gunning, conservation, hawking, archery, angling and ferreting.

Selling shot game

BASC recognises that some members sell part of their bag; for most people sales are occasional so cover is provided under the BASC members’ liability policies and they have nothing further to do.

But members who regularly sell part of their bag need to tell us for cover to apply. We will continue to insure you for no extra charge if your sales routinely reaches £300 in any period of a month then BASC needs to be told, Simply complete and sign the form below and either post it to BASC or email it to

More significant sales: For members shooting recreationally whose income from the sale of their bag runs at a more-commercial level, exceeding £3,600 per year, an insurance cover extension is available for a small additional premium.  If you feel you could be in this category then please email us at  or complete the application form and send it together with your remittance for £25 which will provide you with cover until the end of your current membership and will be included with future renewals.

Humane Dispatch

From 1st July 2016 all full BASC members are covered under their membership insurance for Humane Dispatch.

Insurance documents

If you are a trade member you can get a quote for your business insurance by following this link or calling 0113 284 0768


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