Gundog breed spotlight – Braque D’auvergne

In the first in our series of gundog breed articles courtesy of Gundog Journal, we look at the Braque D’auvergne.

Physical traits

The Braque D’auvergne is a medium-sized, robust dog that is strongly boned without any heaviness. Short and glossy black and white or Charonne coat, harmonious proportions and light, supple gait confer an overall elegant picture. Strong head with long skull and muzzle, oval eyes with a kind and honest expression, long hanging ears. 

Long and slightly arched neck, sturdy body and well-muscled hindquarters allow it to work methodically on difficult ground for long hours. Tail is carried horizontally and customarily docked.


Gentle and affectionate, considered intelligent and biddable. Forms close attachment to owner and family; considered kind and patient with children and friendly with other dogs. 

May show prey drive towards smaller pets, including cats. Sensitive nature that takes up to three years to mature and requires firm boundaries and step-by-step training without harsh methods.

Daily care

Full of energy, needs up to two hours of daily exercise, including walks, running, training and work in the field or other disciplines. Best suited to home in the country with large garden and access to safe running grounds. 

Requires little grooming: weekly brush, monthly nail trim and regular ear checks.


There is a scarcity of data on health and mortality but considered generally healthy with average life span of 12 to 14 years. 

The Kennel Club recommends mating pairs are screened for hip dysplasia and have annual eye certificates. Some genetic conditions identified include aortic stenosis, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation and progressive retinal atrophy.

At work

Historically bred in mid-southern France to hunt, point, flush and retrieve game birds in mountains and woodland. Stamina, persistence and slower, methodical hunting style make it a versatile rough shooter’s companion in many terrains and conditions. 

Can also work at local shoots in beating line or picking up, as falconer’s dog or in a variety of canine disciplines.



Books: HPR License to Hunt By Phil Pearson

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