A landscape image of the German countryside
A landscape image of the German countryside

Taking firearms abroad

This page has been created to help provide you with the latest guidance on travelling abroad with your firearms.

We take no responsibility for the content of external websites, and it is down to you to ensure that you have following the latest rules and guidance for each country.

Definitive answers about foreign firearms and hunting laws should be obtained from the embassy or consulate of the country concerned.

Members should note that since the departure of the UK from the EU, only members from N. Ireland can apply for a European Firearms Pass. Members should therefore get in touch with the Embassy of the EU country they wish to visit as well as any country through which they will transit.

To find a foreign embassy in the UK.

UK Government guidance on the export of firearms

This guidance covers the export of firearms and ammunition by UK firearm and shotgun certificate holders, as well as firearms dealers. This guidance does not cater for the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland or Isle of Man; view further details of those regions.

View further information from the Export Control Organisation (Dept for BIS)

Dept of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) Guidance on the Export of Firearms