Find a BASC Wing Week event near you


BASC’s Wing Week will be marked by a series of events running across the country, centred around wildfowl and waders, taking place from 26 February – 4 March 2024.

Wing Week is an initiative designed to help members to take part in BASC’s Wing Survey, a long-term project which monitors data on the age and sex ratios of quarry species.

The BASC Wing Survey is a voluntary study to which anyone shooting wildfowl and waders can contribute. To take part, we ask shooters to remove one wing from each duck, goose or wader they shoot and submit it to BASC. For goose wings, there is also the option of using the Epicollect 5 app. allowing you to submit wing data via a photograph.

BASC teams will be hosting events across the UK throughout Wing Week.  Our teams and guest speakers will cover a range of topics related to wildfowl species and wetland habitats at these events, while also accepting wings that you have collected.

Wing Week events

For more information on any of the above dates, including how to book, visit our events pages or contact your local BASC team.