Breeding Curlew Need You

The curlew population stands on the brink of collapse.  Data shows a 46 per cent decline in breeding curlew in the UK between 1994 and 2010, with a more than 50 per cent decline in Wales and Scotland. The numbers are still in rapid decline and the species is now listed as globally near-threatened.

Breeding success, or lack of it, is the most pressing challenge the bird faces. Anyone who has an interest in the curlew’s continued existence should be very much concerned. We desperately need information on curlew breeding attempts and their success in order to tackle this worrying trend – BASC members are ideally placed to help.

Tell us if you see them in their breeding season – April to July.

  • BASC members, please use the Seen It section of the Green Shoots Mapping website (scroll down to watch a short video to help you with the process). If you have any questions, click here to email.
  • Not a BASC member? Consider joining us but you can still email and get advice on recording the sightings.

Consider taking further action.

  • You could volunteer to take part in a formal survey of curlew to a set standard by making several visits, one in April or May and a second in June or July. This could help reveal the breeding success of the curlew you’ve seen. Click here to email for more details on this.
  • Practical nest protection – there are ways to help limit predation of eggs and chicks but you’ll need to work with experienced staff to ensure they are done correctly. This is both to comply with the law and to give them the best chance of success. Contact us if you have access to land where the curlew attempts to breed and let’s talk about it.
  • BASC is engaged with curlew and wader projects throughout the UK, such as Working for Waders in Scotland, Curlew Country in Shropshire and Curlew Cymru in Wales. We could link you up with those projects if you like.

BASC is committed to working on conservation across numerous species and habitats. Join us to help make a real difference to the future of curlew.

Register Your Curlew Sightings

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