What do we carry as deer stalkers?

Every deer stalker will carry different kit with them depending on what they are stalking and where they are stalking it. There will be some key similarities and some stark differences. BASC’s deer team describe what they carry with them on a typical stalking day.

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What to wear when deer stalking

When it comes to picking what clothes to wear when stalking deer, there can be quite a bit to think about! Obviously much of it comes down to personal preference, but here are a few key points to help you decide.

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The importance of rifle fit

As we all know, getting a gun that fits properly will help your shooting in leaps and bounds. However, when it comes to rifles, we often neglect this important aspect which can lead to some bad habits creeping in that will affect your accurate shooting.

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Bag a sporting bargain in the BASC annual auction

BASC online auction open for bidding BASC has opened the bidding in its online auction - offering members the chance to enjoy some of the UK’s finest sport. For many years, the UK’s largest shooting organisation has run an annual auction which gives winners access to some of the most exclusive shoots and fisheries. Every lot has been donated by generous BASC members and every penny raised is used to help fund the Association’s political campaigning and work with Young Shots. Nick Glazebrook, BASC's head of fundraising and sponsorship, said: "Auction winners know they will be welcomed by people determined to ensure they enjoy the best sport on offer. “With a great diversity of lots available, there is something for every interest and every pocket. Simply by enjoying yourself you can really help us secure the future of shooting.” To see the complete list of lots, with details and guide prices, and full instructions on how to bid, go to http://basc.sensibledevelopment.co.uk/ To see the complete list of lots, with details, guide prices and full instructions on how to bid, click here 

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