BASC Women in Shooting launches in Scotland

Women in Shooting

Women from across fieldsports came together to celebrate the Scottish launch of BASC Women in Shooting.

More than 50 women attended BASC Women in Shooting reception hosted by BASC vice chair Claire Sadler at the GWCT Scottish Game Fair on Saturday.

This initiative aims to promote the inclusivity of shooting sports and celebrate the diversity of women involved. It seeks to represent and protect all forms of shooting from air gunning and target shooting right through to deer management and game shooting.

Women-only events have been planned throughout Scotland, ranging from clay pigeon shooting competitions to a simulated Macnab day at Gleneagles.

Claire Sadler said: “It was fantastic to launch BASC Women in Shooting at the Scottish Game Fair, and to see the enthusiasm for this initiative.

“BASC is playing a pivotal role in promoting fieldsports amongst women, and our events provide a wonderful opportunity for women to try out shooting.

“Across Scotland we have planned some tremendous events, from a simulated MacNab day at Gleneagles to social events at Christmas. This event was a springboard for so much more to come.”

Claire Sadler
BASC vice chair Claire Sadler speaking at the BASC Women in Shooting reception on Saturday