Women in shooting

Women in Shooting aims to promote the inclusivity of shooting sports and celebrate the diversity of women involved.

What is Women in Shooting?

Whether you are a pest controller, falconer, deer stalker, clay shooter, wildfowler, game shooter or someone into their fishing, BASC wants to encourage more women to join our fieldsports community. 

We represent and protect all forms of shooting from airgunning and target shooting right through to deer management and game shooting, so there is something to suit everyone, wherever you are in the UK.

The latest news from BASC

female gamekeepers

Daughters of the land

In honour of International Women’s Day, we recount the stories of female gamekeepers in history who blazed a trail for generations to come.

Swinton women in shooting

Redressing the balance

Over the summer BASC Ladies Shooting was rebranded to BASC Women in Shooting to modernise our language and align shooting with other sports.