BASC statement on shoot leases on United Utilities land

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BASC statement on shoot leases on United Utilities land

A stone wall in a moorland

BASC last night (Monday) had a constructive conversation with the chief executive of United Utilities, Louise Beardmore. This follows an announcement last month that United Utilities had planned to end all shoot leases on its land as they come up for renewal.

We are encouraged that, in response to concerns raised by BASC, other rural organisations and affected communities, Louise Beardmore has now pledged to undertake independent reviews of the 23 shoots that would have been affected by the original decision. We look forward to examining the detail of these reviews and confirming their independence.

We believe the reviews should present the opportunity for those shoots to show their significant positive influence on conservation, wildlife, wildfire risk and fragile local economies while the evidence will highlight that well-managed shoots also support improved carbon capture and water quality.

BASC understands that the “status quo” will remain for shoots on United Utilities land while the reviews are undertaken. 

We will seek further clarity from United Utilities during this process and will continue working with shoots to ensure their views are accurately reflected during future engagement with United Utilities.