BASC issues further statement on non-lead ammunition

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Further to the statement issued by the shooting organisations last Friday and, in light of speculation on social media, BASC would like to clarify its position:

BASC understands the manufacturers’ concerns for their commercial interests as expressed in their statement on Friday 28th February.

The cartridge manufacturers were consulted before the publication by the shooting organisations of their initial joint statement on the proposed five-year transition to sustainable, non-lead ammunition.

Representatives of shooting organisations were in contact with cartridge manufacturers at meetings where that proposed joint statement by the shooting organisations was discussed. A copy of that statement was given to cartridge companies in advance and they had the opportunity to comment.

BASC is seeking government financial support for the cartridge manufacturers to underpin the future development of sustainable alternatives to lead shot and had held meetings with ministers and Downing Street advisors to secure this support.

A senior representative of one of the cartridge manufacturers gave a presentation on the sustainable alternatives to lead shot in January to members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Shooting and Conservation.

The joint statement issued by the organisations last week was accompanied by material provided by the Gun Trade Association, of which the cartridge manufacturers are members.

BASC has always worked closely with cartridge manufacturers in delivering policy on ammunition and we will continue to do so. The shooting organisations are seeking an urgent meeting with the CEOs of the companies to agree the way forward.

BASC urges all members of the shooting community to stand together as we work through the detail of a transition that will ensure the long-term future of shooting.